Iowa Classic Car Salvage Yard Hunt!

If you’re like me there’s nothing like hunting down a hidden salvage yard, big or small, that still has a few gems left.  I’ve been driving all over Iowa and Northern Missouri for a couple of years now based on word of mouth and local lore.  I’ve been slowly compiling locations with old cars and taking pictures before they’re all gone.  If you happen to know of such a location please let me know!  I’ll be happy to trade information I’ve gathered and plan to post a list on our website once I’m able to track down a few more.  Please note that I do respect privacy and always track down the owner before going on the property.  Happy Hunting!


ILLINOIS: Confirmed Locations

Just in 11/15/14!  There’s an old salvage yard near LaSalle, Ill.  The owner’s name is Dave and you’ll have to give him a call and see if he’s around or make an appointment. The phone number is 630-439-6394.  They have cars from the 30s to the early 70s including some European makes.  I haven’t been there yet, but I am planning on heading out when the weather warms up and I’ll pass along the details when I return.

Added  11/15/14

Dan’s Towing and Auto Parts

Dan’s Towing & Salvage 618-566-2161 or 618-566-2163 10201 State Rt 177 • Mascoutah, IL 6225

Dan has about 200 classics still in the yard and would like to get them or their parts back on the road instead of sending them to the crusher, so check them out.

IOWA:  Confirmed Locations

Henrichs Salvage Yard, Pioneer Iowa. The owners are John and Ivan Henrichs and their phone numbers are 515-373-6605 or 515-890-9025.

This is a very small salvage yard right in the middle of town so you won’t miss it.  The last time I was there they had several pickups from the 50s to the 90s along with a few cars from the 60s. They also had a few old farm tractors from the 50s. They were being forced by the local government to clean things up though so I would certainly call ahead first.

Updated 11/15/14:  It’s does exist!  It’s on the far east side of town at the end of the main east/west road.  There’s a few 70s & 80s Mopars sitting around the yard, but nothing special.

McCallsburg, Iowa.  A couple of people in my area have told me that at one time there was an auto salvage yard in McCallsburg with a lot of 50s on up MOPAR parts cars.  I’m hoping I can swing through there some time either confirm or deny it’s existence, but if anyone has any more information please let me know.

Iowa:  Unconfirmed Locations

Jerry’s Cars & Parts near Madrid, Iowa.  I’ve never been there and don’t have an exact address or phone number.  Supposedly they have some 50s era parts cars so if anyone has any specific information on this please let me know either way.

I’ve also heard rumors of salvage yards in or around Adel, Osceola, Indianola (Milo), and Carlisle.  If anyone has an information on old salvage yards in these cities or anywhere else in Iowa please let me know.  It would sure be great if we could save as many of these old parts cars as possible because once they’re gone we’ll never get them back!

Missouri: Confirmed Locations

Added 11/15/14

Sweeney’s Auto Sales and Salvage

573-734-6081 11499 Copeland Road • Park Hills, MO 63601

Over 25 Chevy’s, 1955 – 1957, several late 1940’s, dozens of pickups, 1940’s – 1980’s.


Added 11/15/14

Huxel’s Auto Repair

Bill Huxel 636-583-5906 4017 HWY A • Union, MO 63084

Bill Huxel, Owner 636-583-5906 Used Parts 50-60-70.  Has a lot of 50s Chevy including 55-57.


Added 11/15/14

Anaconda Auto Salvage

Tony Gruen 636-629-3582 or 636-358-5589 1609 W Springfield Rd • St. Clair, MO 63077

Specializing in Ford Trucks

Tony runs a small yard outside of St Clair, MO and specializes in Ford products. He has about 120 cars going back to the 50s with a couple from the 40s. Check out that old the panel truck you see in the thumb nail pictures below.  Tony has selected several of the better vehicles to sell as whole parts car with a few of those being restorable .

Added 11/15/14  This is a neat site that lists vintage salvage yards in Missouri and Nebraska.  Check out their website for locations and contact information.

New & Used Tractor Parts in Bolchow, Mo.  Owned by Rick Erickson 816-428-2240 This is a private seller so please call first for inventory and directions.  Large selection of used farm equipment, but also has 60s era pickups, autos, and a motorcycle or two.  Some items are for sale and some aren’t, but Rick is pretty easy to get along with.  He does travel some to you might have to leave a message.


John’s Auto Salvage, Cabool, Mo. 13760 Dade Ln, Cabool, MO 65689 (417) 962-3237.  So far this is my all time favorite salvage yard to visit.  Many, many acres of 50s,60 & 70s autos and trucks. Bring your hiking boots, canteen, sack lunch, and maybe a camera and plan to spend the day!  I haven’t visited for a couple of years and really want to go back and spend more time taking pictures.  It’ll be a true tragedy if/when this salvage yard disappears.

Nebraska: Confirmed

Added 11/15/14

John’s Muscle Cars

John Watts 402-674-3147

This has over 2000 vintage Ford, Mercury and assorted GM muscle cars and trucks.

Added 11/15/14  This is a neat site that lists vintage salvage yards in Missouri and Nebraska.  Check out their website for locations and contact information.

Added 11/15/14

Watt’s Salvage

Louis Watts 402-645-8066 2784 E. Sage Rd. • Wymore, NE 68466

He has over 3500 cars and trucks going back to the early 1920s

Added 11/15/14

Richard 402-873-5925

A honey hole of salvage cars in Nebraska City NE. with about 40 parts vehicles outside and about another 30 stored in barns.