Japanese Anime Reviews

Well, it’s official.  I’m addicted to Crunchyroll!  I’ve always been a huge fan of Japanese Anime dating all the way back to the 80s (Rock and Rule, anyone!).  I’ve watched well over 1000 anime shows, a couple of hundred movies, and have a long list waiting to be watched in both Crunchyroll and Netflix.  The reviews here will be from shows I’ve watched on either Crunchyroll, Netflix, or are currently available on DVD/Blue-Ray. There’s some pretty obscure stuff out there and I won’t be covering those, just programs that you’ll have fairly easy access to watch.

Fate/Stay Night     2 1/2 out of 5 Stars  RATED:  MA

Honestly, I was expecting a bit more out this series but instead this is basically a show that revolves around two teenage mages that team up for the latest Holy Grain contest just ten years after the end of the last Grail war.  The characters aren’t nearly as interesting as in the last series and you barely see any of the other heroes.  Most of the time is spent arguing strategy, protecting their school and friends, and trying to train up an almost completely helpless mage.  The first half of the season is more odd-couple romance than battling for the holy grail and that’s quite disappointing.  Few of the side characters are interesting and even a the brief appearances of past characters isn’t enough to satisfy.  The series still has plenty of potential, but things really need to pick up over the second part of the season if this is series is to amount to anything.

Argevollen          3 out of 5 Stars  Rated:  MA

Argevollen is a powerful mech that ends up being operated by a young soldier due a desperate set of circumstance.  It’s very interesting to follow the personal growth of the pilot along with his tech savy female partner as they are thrust into the center of a war no one is sure why they are fighting in the first place.  There’s plenty of intrigue as the season progresses as it becomes apparent that both side are being used and sacrificed for reasons other than conquest.  The characters are mostly interesting, but only a few are really developed and there are still plenty of unanswered questions by the end of the season.  The focus on the characters also shifts as the show progresses with prominent characters being sidelined toward the end.  Overall it’s certainly worth a look if you like mech warfare, but if they continue with the series they need to tighten things up and figure out just what’s going to happen to several likeable characters.

Log Horizon 2    3 1/2 out of 5 Stars  Rated: PG-13

This picks up right where the first season left off.  Thankfully this season focuses more on the personal relationships of the characters as they are still adjusting to life stuck inside a digital world of no escape.  There’s still plenty of action, just not huge sweeping battles and technical battle jargon.  This is about adjusting to life with the NPCs called the “People of the Land” and about meeting adversity together.  While this doesn’t have the urgency or intensity of the first series it’s still worth watching.  The ending really sets up new and interesting plot elements moving forward and I am eagerly looking forward to season 3.

Terraformars         2 1/2 out of 5 Stars   Rated: MA

Ok, so a bunch of human/animal hybrids are sent to Mars to find out what happened to the last batch of human/animal hybrids that were wiped out by giant cockroaches.  Yep, you read that correctly, giant cockroaches.  This is supposed to be an intense fight for your life show ala Attack on Titan, but unfortunately it quickly becomes so bogged down in flashbacks of almost every single character that a single battle might play out over 3 or more episodes.  This becomes very frustrating very quickly and the plot is quickly forgotten because the episodes move forward ponderously like a soap opera.  There’s lots of violence and action and most episodes have rated and unrated version so you can pick the gore level your comfortable with.  If they managed to clean up the flashbacks and move forward with the plot this could be a half way decent show, but until that happens I’d pick something else.

Chaika Coffin Princess      3 out of 5 Stars  Rated: TEEN

This is an interesting show that revolves around a young girl, Chaika, and her two companions as they hunt down and retrieve the body parts of her dead father so she can give him a proper burial.  As it turns out there are other Chaikas also trying to retrieve the body parts and her dead father just happens to be a maniacal tyrant that had lived for 300 years.  You’ll meet some interesting characters as you follow their travels, but the mystery as to who Chaika really is and the meaning behind her search aren’t revealed until the very end.  Overall it’s very typical adventure faire that is fun, but is also ultimately forgettable unless they decide to continue on past the big reveal in the last 4 episodes.

Parasyte      3 out of 5 Stars   Rated:  MA

The plot revolves around parasites from outer space that come down and start taking over humans.  Sometimes they can’t quite get the job done and it results is a human that is also part parasite which is an interesting twist on the standard “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” plot.  In this case a teenage boy, Kinichi, is attacked by a parasite but is only able to take over his right hand.  The parasites are cold, merciless, and unforgiving as they try to survive by taking over a human host and then killing and eating other humans to survive.  While there are touching moments its a pretty stark and graphic show as the episodes follow Kinichi around his everyday life trying to deal with what’s happened to him.  The plot starts out simply enough but really starts to evolve over the last half of the season.  This isn’t for everyone, but if you can handle Attack on Titan than Parasyte will be a walk in the park.

Trinity Seven            2 1/2 out of 5 Stars  Rated: MA

This is your typical unashamed harem show where our male hero is surrounded by females witches that represent the seven deadly sins.  The male warlock might or might not be an all powerful demon lord and his harem is helping to train him in the ways of magic to find out.  Overall it’s a fairly light hearted show with plenty of teen humor, but very little substance.  The characters are all fairly shallow and don’t stray at all from stereotypes.  If you’re really bored you could do worse, but overall it’s nothing note worthy.

Fruits of Grisaia       3 out of 5 Stars  Rated: MA

This is about a mysterious young man that just want’s to experience normal school life.  The thing is they send him to a special school that has only a few female student all there for special reasons of their own.  Over the first half of the season there’s really very little rime or reason to the episodes other than to have the mystery man interact with the school girls.  If you’re thinking this is a harem show, it is, but it does have some class and over the last half of the season the plot finally starts moving along as more and more mysterious things happen to the girls and the lone mystery man is left to figure things out.  The last few episodes are quite good and I found myself wanting to see what happened next.  If you can get past the slow start you should enjoy the last half of the season.

World Trigger  2 1/2 out of 5 Stars  Rated:  PG

Hmm, I can’t make up my mind about this show.  It’s about an earth that’s under constant attack from monsters from another dimension.  Portals open up at random and a city is attacked.  The only thing stopping them from rampaging is an organization called Border and it’s super powered members whose abilities are enabled through the use of a “trigger”.  One day a Trion soldier comes through a portal and meets up with a low ranking Border agent and the adventure begins.  Unfortunately, the plot unravels slowly and clumsily and most of the characters aren’t that interesting.  No reasons are given as to why the “neighbors” keep opening up portals to attack us and most of the time is spent with the odd-couple neighbor/border agent being in the right place at the right time to fend off any attacks.  The pace quickens and the plot thickens in the last four episodes, but  event then it’s hard to stay engaged.  A few new interesting characters were introduced at the end so if there’s more than 13 episodes I’ll probably tune in just to see if things pick up, but I don’t see it ever being my first choice on my Crunchyroll list.

Denki-Gai          4 out of 5 Stars    Rated:  PG-13

This is a really fun show about a group of young people that work in manga (comic book) store. The characters are all very unique and interesting and it was fun to learn that Japanese manga fans are just as big of geeks as us Americans.  The plot is a coming of age story so there is some crude humor from time to time, but overall it’s a very light hearted and funny look inside a Japanese comic book store.  I was really sad to see this series end and have begun searching for an English translation of the manga so I can keep up with my Japanese comic geek friends.

Akame Ga-Kill     3 1/2 out of 5 Stars    Rated: MA

The members of Night Raid, a covert group of assassins, attempts to overthrow a young emperor that is being manipulated by an evil and power hungry prime minister.  Each member of Night Raid has a high powered “Emperial Arms” weapon they use to fight off their government counterparts.  The characters on both sides are well developed and very interesting.  It’s often hard to tell who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.  There’s plenty of fighting and you quickly find out that no one is safe.  This is a fairly straight forward action/adventure series but it has just enough twists and turns to make it worth watching.

RWBY Vol. 2    3 1/2 out of 5 Stars    Rated: PG-13

The second series picks up right where the first one left off.  The characters really flesh out in this series as much more is learned about all the students and some of the faculty.  The action sequences are still top notch, but as with the first series the animation can be rough around the edges.  Overall the series is very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to seeing volume 3 in 2015.

Karen Seke:  3 out of 5 Stars    Rated: MA

The setting is post-apocalyptic where robots now control the world.  One young woman, Karen, sets out to defeat the robots with her special powers, special weapons, and eventually a few allies.  This series of shorts, most about 11 minute long, swirls around a group of humans trying to figure out how to defeat the robots.  The characters are interesting, but there’s not much time to develop any real depth and the overall plot feels rushed as it often tries to cram in as much information as possible in a short time frame.  The animation style is very similar to that of RWBY and for that reason alone is worth watching.  Will this be a new style trend for Anime?  If so, you can say you watched it from the start.

Mushi-Shi:  3 of 5 Stars       Rated: PG

A slow paced slice of life series where Ginko, a Mushi-Shi or spirit expert, travels around Japan studying spirits and helping the people that are affected by them.  There’s not much action or violence and most episodes are quite dialog heavy.  But the main point of the show is to point out human nature with all of its failures and successes.  Overall it’s a nice change of place from the teeny bopper violence/magic/angst driven themes of most current anime shows.

NEO Angelique:  2 1/2 of 5 Stars:  Rated: PG-13

Only one person has the power to destroy the demons that often appear to attack humanity, Angelique!  This is a sweet, sappy, plot that moves slowly, but deliberately.  If you like the original Sailor Moon then you might like this one too.  There’s plenty of fighting and drama, but it really plays out like a bad romance novel.  I just couldn’t get into the storyline and honestly you’ll be better served finding something else to watch.

B GATA H KEI:  Yamata’s First Time:  3 1/2 out of 5 Starts  Rated: Mature

The plot is really simple, Yamata, a horny teenage girl, picks out one boy from her school and decides to loose her virginity to him.  Needless to say things don’t go as planned.  This is really an interesting coming of age story coming from the female perspective.  The first few episodes are pretty much as rude and crude as you might expect given the plot, but then Yamata starts to really thing about why she’s doing this and what it’s effect might be not only on her, but the others around her.  Most of the episodes are light hearted and fun and even though there’s some pretty frank language there’s not a lot of nudity.  This one’s not for the kiddies though so be warned!

Knights of Sidonia :  3 out of 5 Starts  Rated: Mature

The last vestiges of humanity is floating around in space in a city (Sidonia) inside an asteroid.  The protectors of the city fly around in giant robots (Knights) that are always on the lookout for attacking aliens.  Well guess what?  They found some.  After having not been attacked in quite a long time humanity finds itself on the brink of destruction (Attack on Titan, anyone?).  The plot is quite short on details as to why all this is happening, but it does drop hints from time to time.  Overall there’s plenty of action and the pacing  and character development is sold.  If you like Pilot’s Love Song you’ll probably like this one too.

Hero Tales:  3 out of 5 stars  Rated: TV-14

This is about a teenager that gains tremendous power, but needs to learn how to control it so it doesn’t go out of control.  Of course the corrupt government has it’s own powerful general with delusions of grandure so things could get real interesting. But they don’t, at least not until the last couple of episodes.  This would have been much better as a 13 part series as many episodes have the hero wandering around the countryside trying to train himself to use his power.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it moves so slooooooooooooowly that by the time he gets all trained up you’ve pretty much forgotten why he’s doing anything at all.  There are a few interesting  plot twists and some pretty black and white views on the government’s roll in society, but overall it’s just as boring as that sounds.

Deadman Wonderland: 3 out of 5 Stars  Rated: Mature

I’ve read the manga too and they follow the source material quite closely.  This is a about a boy with the power to control his blood who was falsely accused of killing his classmates and then thrown into prison.  But not just any ‘ol prison, but Deadman Wonderland!  This is an amusement park/max prison where people pay to ride the rides and watch the prisoners carry blood sports for their entertainment.  Somewhere in this mess of a plot is a pretty solid social commentary about the dangers of too much government control over our lives.  Unfortunately, it gets hidden behind countless bloody fight scenes and a slow moving plot that just can’t seem to get to the point.  There are many interesting characters, in fact too many to really develop any of them properly.  If they ever get the plot moving along and take the time to really develop a few of the characters this series has real promise, if not it’ll just be another mediocre anime you’ll soon forget.

Psycho-Pass:  3 out of 5 Starts  Rated: Mature

This is another set in the near future Blade Runner rip-offs that you’ve probably seen before.  The animation is mediocre as is the plot.  It does have some mystery and intrigue surrounding a city whose government can stop crime before it starts by reading a person’s mental health.  Yeah, well once you get over that part there is plenty of action, but also quite a bit of violence and blood so it’s not for the squeamish.

Sekirei Season 2: 3 out of 5 Stars  Rated: Mature

What happens when a teenage boy accidently kisses a chesty babe that fails from they sky? Why she becomes his slave and is willing to do anything for her new master! The isn’t quite as bat as all that, but it does come close at times.  I don’t normally get into the harem type shows, but after watching the first two seasons I’ll confess that I found it somewhat enjoyable.  Season two picks up right after season 1 so you’ll want to watch that first.  The animation is solid, but nothing special, and the story and pacing are consistent, but don’t expect any plot twists or startling revelations.  So why should anyone like this?  If you need something that’s fun, light hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously you could do worse.  A warning though, if you’re offended by partial nudity (there’s a lot of breasts in this one) or strong language it isn’t for you.

Love Live!  School Idol Project Season One:  3 out of 5 Stars   Rated:  PG-13

The story is about how 9 high school girls form an Idol group in order to attract more students so their school won’t have to close.  This is a light hearted and less sophisticated version of Wake Up Girls! and closely follows the standard anime Idol format you’ve seen in the past.  It is fun and enjoyable, but doesn’t really add anything new to the genre.  If you’re a fan of Idol Anime you’ll probably like this one just fine, but you’ll want to pass if  you don’t care for teenage fluff.

Blast of Tempest:  3 out of 5 Stars Rated: PG-13

This show mixes an old fashioned whodunit with an end of the world sci-fi fantasy plot and somehow manages to pull it off.  The plot centers around two buddies trying to deduce who murdered one of their friends, unfortunately they have to save the world first in order to find out!  Tempest has a very sophisticated and complicated plot and much of the time it’s very hard to figure out the good guys from the bad guys, however if you stick with the entire show it does pay off in the end.  There are a few episodes that are dialogue heavy without much action, but you need to pay attention to these episodes or you’ll have no idea what’s going on later.  It has some magic and combat violence along with some very minor fanservice, but is clearly aimed toward an older and more sophisticated viewer since it doesn’t rely on action to move the plot along.

Nisenmonogatari:  2 of 5 Stars  Rated:MA

This is a direct sequel to Bakemonogatari (which I really liked, 4 out of 5 stars) and it’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to another season of an anime title as much as this one.  Unfortunately, I really, really don’t like this series at all.  The animation was still top notch, but the plot and character development were awful.  Koyomi finds himself falling in love and having sexual encounters with……. his sisters!  Senjōgahara is noticeably absent from most of the episodes and Koyomi ends up solving the most of the mysteries with Shinobu the vampire that lives in his shadow.  In between all the lewdness three new characters arrive and are quite interesting, but honestly there just isn’t much time left for plot or character development due to all of Koyomi’s trysts.

Hopefully,  the next series will get things back on the right track with a real plot and some decent character development.  If you liked Bakemonogatari there are a few things in Nisenmonotagari that you’ll be interested in, but be prepared to wade through a lot of drek to find it.


Strike the Blood:  2 of 5 Stars  Rated: MA

This first season is now finished and I’ve gotta say they dropped the ball over the last few episodes.  The plot was a complete mess at times as several of the episodes just set things up for the females characters to remove their clothes.  Overall it started out promising, but turned out to be quite shallow.  There are a few interesting plot developments stuffed in the small spaces between the drek, but if this comes back for another season they really need to focus a lot more on plot and character development.

This is full vampires, monsters, demons, witches, and artificial humans.  There’s really not much gore, but plenty of fan service and innuendo.  Suprisingly there is some pretty decent character develop for an action based program.  Once again a young man has a pretty teenage girl as his “observer”.  In order to grow in power he has to drink the blood of someone else, but there’s a catch!  He has to be aroused before he is able to bare his fangs.  Needless to say there’s a few young girls who regularly let him drink their blood, often in the middle of a battle. If they ever decide to cut out all the gratuitous bits and work on plot develop it could really be a decent show, but as it is it’s just more run of the mill vampire fan service.

Pilot’s Love Song:  4 of 5 Stars Rated:  MA

I’ve watched through episode 13 now and it’s still pretty good.  The plot took a big jump around episodes 10 &11 and I thought they were going to leave the viewer hanging, but they did manage to give some closure and set things up for moving forward. The back story of Kal/Karl developed nicely so hopefully they’ll do the same for Claire. Episode 13 is a bit tough to watch because of the emotions that the main characters go through as the first story arc comes to an end, you might want to have some tissue handy by the time this one’s over!

Don’t let the title fool you, there’s plenty of aerial combat action and drama!  The character development is quit good and the plot moves along at a very good pace.  There is combat related violence and death, but it’s not overly bloody.  The basic story is about an exiled prince that wants revenge on the current government because they executed his parents right in front him when he was a child.  His life was sparted because he was young, but when he was old enough he was shipped out to flight school on large flying city.  The city is being sent out on a long term mission of exploration and the whole idea is that the exiled prince won’t be around to cause the current government any more problems.  If you’re looking for an epic adventure this is the one for you!

Log Horizon:  3 1/2 of 5 Stars Rated: PG-13

We’ll, I’ve watched the entire first season and was pleased with how it turned out. They didn’t leave the viewer hanging like so many anime series do and set things up for the next season.  It is turning into something of a romance/harem show, but there’s still enough action and adventure to keep things exciting.

This is cut from the same cloth as Sword Art Online, but has a more focused plot.  A group of gamers find themselves trapped inside a MMORPG and can’t really figure out how or why.  The interactions with the monters is pretty standard fare, but their developing relationship with the NPCs, or People of the Land, has been very interesting.  There are a couple of slower episodes that get into some of the more technical innerworkings of the game and how characters level up and use their powers, but overall it’s been a very good program.  If you liked SAO even a little bit you should also enjoy this one.

Witchcraft Works:  3 of 5 Stars   Rated:  PG-13

The animation is simply top notch and is a good reason by itself just to watch an episode or two.  Unfortunately, the plot jumps around all over the place and the two main characters really don’t develop much over the season.  This is quite frustrating at times as the side characters are fantastic and are often more interesting than the lead couple.  If this comes back for another season they really need to flesh out the back story and develop better chemistry with the lead characters.

What teenage boy wouldn’t want the hottest and smartest girl in the whole city to be his personal body guard?  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy especially if you don’t know exactly why you need protection.  This is a fun show that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. For example, how about any army of heavily armored stuffed rabbits?  Aimed at the teen crowd it has some mild fan service and majic based fighting.  The plot and characters are fun and continue to develop as the show goes on.  It won’t be a classic, but you could do much worse than this.

Wizard Barristers:  2 of 5 Stars  Rated: PG-13

Hmm, the last half of the 1st seasons really went off the rails with plot jumps and poor animation.  The last episode was very good though in that it tied up most of the loose ends albeit in a very contrived manner.  We’ll have to see if it’ll be back for another season, but I have my doubts at this point as the last half of the first season appeared to be very rushed.

This is an interesting show about a teenage girl that becomes the youngest ever barrister(lawyer) in history in order to save her mother from being executed.  It’s a combination of giant robot fighting mixed with wizards and magic.  The fighting is standard fare, but the plot and intrigue of trying to save someone from the death penalty is quite good.  The character development has been solid and the plot has moved along at a good pace.  There is some mild gratuitous fan service that ads nothing to the show and should have been left out.  This is aimed at the teenage/young adult crowd.

Sukura Trick:  2 of 5 Stars  Rated: MATURE

This series stayed true to itself through the entire season.  The ending should be satisfying for viewers that stuck with it to the end.  Overall all its just a piece of fluff with no real plot developments

Be warned!  This whole series revolves around a pair of underage age girls exploring their mutual feelings for each other.  There are some tender moments and character development, but bascially the shows revolves around the main characters finding ways to make out with each other in public without getting caught.  Plenty of fan service (no nudity though) and shallow teenage angst.  Unless you’re into trashy soap opera stuff there’s isn’t much to reccommend.

Kill La Kill:  3 of 5 Stars  Rated: MATURE

This series was one huge over the top brawl from start to finish!  The ending is quite satisfying and ties up nearly all of the loose ends.   You will need to pay attention to the last three episodes as things change in a hurry for all the major characters.  It’s still not for everyone, but if you like the first 3 episodes you’ll probably like it right up to the end.

This is a very fast moving action oriented show about a teenage girl that wears a living school uniform that gives her extraordinary power to seek revenge for her fathers death.  It doesn’t take itself seriously and is stuffed full of clever cultural and anime references.  It has plenty of fighting and fan service and is ultimately one large drawn out battle.  It’s fun, but no for everyone.

Nobunaga The Fool:  3 of 5 Stars  Rated:  PG-13

Well, I’ve seen the entire first series now and I still can’t make up my mind if I really like it or not.  The plot moves along and several of the characters develop nicely (Monkey & Ranmaru), but honestly it really didn’t hold my interest all that much.  The main character, The Fool, was fleshed out a bit more through some tragic events, but I still had a hard time cheering for the guy. Overall it’s a decent time waster if you’ve got nothing else to watch, but I’d recommend finding something more interesting to watch first.

Ultimately this is a typical West v. East theme where two worlds are in conflict with each other.  One world is governed by famous Western historical figures such as King Arthur and Julius Ceasar and the other world is governed by famous Japanese historical figures.  And they fight with giant robots.  There’s plenty of violence and political intrigue, but the plot is messy and confusing at times.  The main character is a rebellous teenager/young adult that has daddy issues and ends up in charge of his whole country.  While he lacks discipline and diplomatic skill he’s really an OK guy that like to climb into a giant robot and fight.  The show has shown some signs of character development, but it’s not very deep so far.  It’s aimed at the teenage male audience and unless you like giant fighting robots there’s not much else to recommend watching it.

Nobunagun:  3 of 5 Stars  Rated: PG-13

Well there’s lots of fighting right up to the end of the season, but the plot doesn’t move forward much and only one character, Jack the Ripper, really develops much in the last half of the season. For an end of the world type plot it just doesn’t generate much tension and it doesn’t take long to figure how the plot is all going to work out.  Another decent time waster if you’ve got nothing else to watch, but that’s about it.

Evidently some folks have the ability to channel the powers and wisdom of famous (and infamous) real life historical figures.  They can then use these powers to help fight against an invastion of quickly evolving bugs from outer space.  There’s plenty of action and violence mixed with teenage angst and some mild suggestive themes and fan service.  So far it’s very typical of other anime of this genre and really doesn’t bring much new to the table.  Character develop has been slow so far as the plots have revolved around shooting aliens and wringing hand about how to defeat them.  It’s a show that will likely be forgotten about soon after it’s finished.

Z/X Ignition:  3 of 5 Stars  Rated:PG

I’m not much into shows based on card games, but I found myself liking this one all the way to the end.  Several of the characters were well developed and the plot moved along at a solid pace.  The last couple of episodes were well written and the ending was satisfying although it didn’t tie up all the loose ends.  Overall it’s a decent show aimed at the tween and teen crowd that isn’t stuffed full of fan service to get you to watch it.

This is another game based anime where teenagers find them selves in control of powerful magical creatures.  Pretty much a teen version of Pokemon with more fighting and destruction.  Surprisingly there has been some pretty decent character development and the creaters have been smart enough to avoid making this a Pokemon/Digimon/Yu-Gi-OH rip-off.  There is some very mild fan service from time to time, mainly girls in bath towels, but so far nothing to warrant much concern.  This show is aimed at teenage viewers and unless you’re into robot/monster fighting card games there isn’t a whole lot to recommend it.

WAKE UP GIRLS!: 3 1/2 of 5 Stars Rated PG

I hope there’s another season of WUG as this is a good drama style anime.  There’s plenty of ups and downs for our girls over the last half of the season and it all comes together in the last couple of episodes.  The ending was satisfying, but it did what all good endings do and left me wanting more.  My only gripe is that they need to up the quality of the animation as it makes heavy use of stills even during the singing and dancing scenes.

So far I really like this show.  It’s about a group of teenage girls trying to be Japanese Idol singers.  They go through many ups and downs together and individually.  The plot is strong and keeps moving forward and the character development so far has been very good.  I really didn’t have much interest in watching this series, but now I find myself looking forward to the next episode.  There is some mild fan service (the girls take a job where they have to wear bikinis) in the early episodes, but the plot does not revolve around this and it goes away quickly. It’s certainly aimed at female teenage viewers/wannabes, but it’s interesting enough most older viewers too.

Pupa:  2 ot of 5 Stars  Rated: MA

Ugh!  I’ll confess to just giving up on this show as it has no redeeming qualities what so ever!  I rarely give anything one star, but this show earned it without any problems!

A digusting little show (each episode is about 7 minutes) about a young girl that mutates and survives by eating her older brother one chunk of flesh at a time.  It’s full of blood and gore and exploring the mystery of just what the girl really is. Honestly, I don’t care what she is and unless you’re into some really crude stuff it’d recommend avoiding this one.

Super Sonico:  3 out of 5 Stars  Rated: PG-13 or so

This fluffy dramedy stayed true to it’s self all the way through the season.  The plot didn’t change any and as usual Sonico finds a way to come out on top.  The last episode is a nice culmination of what happened during the season and is a nice reward if you stuck with it for all the episodes.  Just don’t expect any plot twists or depth.

Based on the long running manga series about a beautiful 1st year college student that models part time and plays guitar for the band First Astronomical Velocity.  The anime is light sitcom type fair with a steady dose of mild fan service (jiggling boobs & butt shots).  It’s hard not to like Sonico for her work ethic and innocence, but so far the storyline offers little depth or character development. Most episodes involve hanging out with her friends in the band or modeling agency, but one episode where she travels to another city by herself to see new places and meet new people really stands out.  It’s written toward teenage females, but tosses in plenty of fan service so their boyfriends have a reason to watch it with them.

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions:  3 of 5 Stars    Rated: PG

I still have to watch the first season, but even so I enjoyed this series right up to the end.  All of the Chunibyo characters deal with growing up and having new feelings and wisdom that they have trouble fitting into their delusions.  As such there’s always a bit of uncertainty about how or if a particular character will be able to move forward while still wanting to be in the past.

This is the second series, I haven’t seen the first yet, and details the relationship of a group of friends that used to be heavy into role play/cosplay when they were younger.  It focuses on a young girl who is in love with and lives with a boy (and his sister) and has trouble functioning in the real world because of her Chunibyo delusion syndrome.  It’s heart felt and light fare with limited light fan service.  Definitely aimed at the coming of age crowd and female viewers.